12 best vegetables to grow indoors under lights: Tips for growing vegetable indoor

Growing vegetables inside may be done all year or in the winter if the conditions are favorable.

Surprisingly, wide varieties of vegetables thrive in an indoor environment and take up less space than many people estimate. You may think sunlight is an issue, but many vegetables bloom perfectly under LED lights.
So, which are the best vegetables to grow under the light?

Many indoor crops demand less attention and care. They grow quickly in compact spaces and are lighter tolerant.

All you need to get started is a sunny, south-facing window and a few basic lighting supplies.

12 best vegetables to grow indoors under lights

Having an outdoor yard or garden isn’t very accessible to everyone, but who doesn’t love freshly homegrown vegetables?

An indoor garden is another popular option since it gives the gardener much more control because you can literally construct the ideal environment. However, not all vegetables grow well inside or require so much attention that growing them indoors is impossible.

For example, vegetables that do not self-pollinate are more challenging to produce than those that do or do not require pollination. Consider the level of difficulty associated with the best vegetables that can be grown indoors using LEDs.

Here is the list of the 12 best vegetables to grow indoor under light:

Spinach vegetable

Spinach thrives nicely inside under lights. This is one of the most rapidly growing green veggies. You will need a pot and a light source because you will be growing indoors (led grow light). Sow the seeds in a planter or plastic bottles. Topsoil from your own yard or garden should not be used. For pots, potting mix is required.

Spinach can grow indoors under lights


Lettuce is another fast-growing leafy green vegetable. Like spinach, lettuce may be grown in pots or plastic bottles—plant lettuce seedlings in potting soil. You may even start growing lettuce from the bottom of store-bought lettuce.

You can grow lettuce indoors too


Growing carrots in a pot are pretty easy. You’ll need a container that’s approximately a foot deep and a foot broad. Pots can also be replaced with grow bags. Use potting mix soil in a container or grow bag. Remember, no matter how great your soil is, you’ll need a good supply of light (led grow lights) to grow all of these vegetables.

Carrots flourish indoors under lights

Mushrooms grow well indoors.

Indoor mushroom cultivation is simple and easy to grow. Small mushrooms appear in 2-3 days. Even a plate-sized mushroom takes around 10-15 days to mature. Mushrooms may be cultivated in pots, grow bags, or even in your wooden picnic basket.

Mushrooms grow well indoors

Green beans can grow indoors under light

Green beans grow relatively tall; therefore, they demand a lot of light. They also develop pretty quickly. Because the plants grow exceedingly tall, sow the seeds in a container and support them with wood skewers.

Green beans can grow indoors under light

Kale grows under indoor light

Kale and spinach are cousins. They almost serve the same purpose in meals. Both are really simple to grow. They don’t require your attention on a daily basis.
You may grow kale from seed, in containers, or in grow bags. If you don’t let the soil dry up, you’re good to go.

Kale grows under indoor light

The red bell pepper plants can thrive indoors under lights.

These vitamin C supplements are exceedingly simple to cultivate indoors. One may grow them in pots, grow bags or plastic bottles. When the bell pepper fruits are mature, pick them because the plant will produce more fruit if you harvest more.

The red bell pepper can grow indoors under lights


Arugula grow swiftly and readily indoor under lights. They prefer cold conditions and hence grow best inside. Scatter the arugula seeds in a container filled with planting soil. Water them and place the container or pot near a light source.

At maturity, each arugula plant produces a large number of harvests. Harvest the bigger leaves while reserving the smaller ones for later in light garden.

Arugula grows indoors

Onion thrives indoors under good light.

It is also possible and easy to grow onions indoors. Onions may be grown from seeds, although seedlings or store-bought onions are preferable.

To grow onion vegetables, use a bigger container since their bulb extends under the earth. When the green stalk of your onion gets about 6 inches long, it’s time to harvest it.

Onion thrive indoors under good light

Beets can grow indoors under light.

Blood pressure patients will benefit significantly from beets, and they can easily grow indoors. Use a bigger container or grow bag for beets. You may cultivate them right away from seeds. However, soak the seeds in water overnight first. Sow the seeds in potting soil, hydrate them, and place the grow bag near a light source to observe their growth.

Beets can grow indoors under light


Basil is one of the most popular and easy-to-grow indoors plants in potting mix water. One can grow basil in almost any container, which is a good thing. If you don’t have a basil pot, you may keep it in plastic bottles. Use high-quality potting soil in your container.

You can produce this plant from seeds or in pots from cuttings of store-bought basil.


Mint can grow indoors.

Mint is really easy to cultivate and is one of the best vegetables indoors. The most basic method is, to begin with, store-bought mint. Select some good green cuttings, set them in potting soil, and water them. They will sprout in a few days. Peppermint, spearmint, apple, orange, and banana are just a few of the herbs you may grow in your mint herb garden.

Mint can grow indoors

What Is the Best LED Grow Light?

You may select the best grow light for your location and growing requirements, whether it’s a room, kitchen garden, or larger space. Choose a home LED lighting series that produces professional effects and is available in 120V or 240V. You can also find lights that you can customize to the size of your area. There is also a DIY series where you may make your own.

Key Takeaways for Growing Vegetables Indoors

Growing vegetables indoors with LED grow lights might be easy, depending on the plants you want to cultivate. Knowing the light requirements for each can help you determine which sorts to produce, as well as let you generate a wider variety by utilizing multiple grow lights at varying intensities.

When growing inside, you have more control over the soil, nutrients, water, and light. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about weeds or small animals eating your crops. So, what is stopping you to grow vegetables indoors under lights? Make your own indoor vegetable garden now and share this list of vegetables to your family and friends.

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