Flowers that look like stars – Adorable star shaped flowers and plant collection 

Flowers that look like stars – Adorable star shaped flowers and plant collection

A garden is the most fascinating place at any time, but when they are in bloom, its attractiveness is further enhanced by the presence of a variety of star shaped flowers. A star shaped flower is the epitome of beauty created by mother nature. Plants with star shaped flowers always complement other blooms, so you never have to worry about them merging in with other plants. They create a floral bed that is aesthetically pleasing and immediately draws attention. You will notice the numerous sweet-smelling star shaped flowers incredibly well in the early evenings.

flowers that look like stars

You can grow a lot of star-shaped flowers in pots and place them on a side window on a study table or patio, so don’t automatically assume you need a huge garden to enjoy them. Imagine having a pothos and just a pot with one of these beauties on the window of your home or office! Well, we call it the most beautiful image to the eyes!

Many of these plants grow to be between 4 inches and 18 inches tall, so you may use smaller or larger pots depending on the amount of space you have available.

star-shaped flowers

They go nicely with flowers that have different forms. Flowers of opposing colors, such as shades of orange and purple, should be planted near together to create a beautiful landscape that genuinely pops. A color combination of comparable colors, such as purple, blue, and pink, will give your garden a more mellow appearance. In this article, you will find different types of star-shaped plants for your garden.

Star Shaped Flowers With Pictures

Here is a collection of star shaped flowers that can make your garden more beautiful! Check out and add them to your next garden shopping list as a nature lover.

White Star Shaped Flower – Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides)

Star Jasmine is a popular climbing plant with small, fragrant white blooms that resemble stars. These vines with star shaped white flowers are evergreen and thrive in both direct sunlight and light shade. It works well to grow star jasmine on a fence, wooden frames, outdoor landscape gardens, or indoor shelter gardens. You can also grow them as a flower-covered ground cover.

White Star Shaped Flower

Stargazer Lily

An Oriental lily called the Stargazer Lily often reaches heights of 3 to 4 feet and has huge, star-shaped blooms in shades of red, pink, and white. These flowers have a little heavy stalks, and each stalk bears 4 to 12 blooms. The best climatic condition for these lovelies is the warm summer climate.

Stargazer lily

Borage (Borago officinalis)

This star flower is an annual herb and flowering plant of the Boraginaceae genus. It is a plant that will self-seed; therefore, it will keep coming back for many years.

Blue flowers are mostly available but if you are in luck you may spot pink blossoms as well. Borage might also provide you with quick financial gain! This is because some research suggests that the starflower oil made from this plant may help cure eczema and decrease arthritis pain.


Egyptian Star Flower – Pentas (Pentas lanceolata)

Pentas or star flowers, commonly known as an Egyptian star flower or Egyptian Stars, is another plant with flower clusters that resemble stars. It blooms all summer long and is fantastic for luring pollinators to the garden.

Pentas may be cultivated as an annual in temperate climes but as a perennial in hotter, tropical regions. Pentas will thrive inside, provided there is sufficient light, so you may also plant them in pots.

Egyptian Star Flower

Starflower (Trientalis Borealis)

It is a member of the primrose plant family. These white flowers, adorned with 5 to 9 petals each, have a diameter of around 1 cm. Although these star shaped flowers grow in sand and dry soil, these plants prefer moist areas.

These little plants are wonderful and can be easily maintained after establishment.

Starflower plant


They make fantastic flower arrangements toward the end of the summer when other plants are beginning to wither since they bloom for a very long period.

Dahlias will keep blooming until the really cold weather destroys them. Well, a plant with these beauties loves full sun. The growth time for these elegant beauties is usually mid summer. Richly fertilized soil and a sunny, sheltered area are the most essential things that help them grow and thrive. These plants are pretty durable and come in a variety of shapes and shades. Now even accessible are bi- and tri-colored flowers.


Hyacinth Blue Star

If you like flowers shaped like stars, you’ll adore these! These have the most amazing aroma and the most exquisite pale blue blossoms. The Hyacinth Blue Star is perfect for outdoor planting or container gardening. Hyacinths are among the spring blossoming bulbs and bloom early in the season. The most common color is blue, however, this star-shaped flower produces white, yellow, and red blooms as well.

Hyacinth blue star


They have lovely purple or blue blooms and are long-lasting. They thrive in climates with cold summer temperatures and can range in size from little groundcovers to enormous plants, depending on the type. Bellflowers may be multiplied by cuttings or division.


Woodruff Flowers

The sweet woodruff plant is a creeper plant that is usually used as a land cover. The most common names for these small star shaped flowers are wild baby’s breath, our lady’s lace, and sweet-scented bedstraw. These cute flowers are very easy to grow in a wide variety of soils and water conditions.

woodruff flowers


Hoya is a perennial plant with clusters of tiny star-shaped blossoms, sometimes known as the wax plant. In the wild, they usually grow on tree trunks, where they get their nutrients and water from the rain and the environment. The most popular indoor variety of hoya plants, is Hoya carnosa, which has white and pink blossoms, you may grow them as an indoor house plant.


Star Tulip

You should expose your star tulip to subfreezing conditions before planting for better bloom. Store them in the refrigerator in warmer climates or in cool, dry places when the temperature dips. Early fall is the best time to plant tulips for a spectacular and the most beautiful spring bloom. Water the bulbs after planting; you won’t need to do so again until spring.

Star Tulip


The biggest bromeliad, Puya raimondii, may produce flower spikes that can grow as high as 10 meters and reaches a height of 4 meters. For gardening, smaller ones are more usual. They are a low-maintenance plant since they can store their water in the center, where you will find overlapping leaves that hold the water. The leaves can have a variety of forms and colors, from maroon to gold to green, and they can be thorny, soft, tall, broad, flat, or symmetrical.


Starfish plants

They are up to 10 inches tall, big, star-shaped blooms that come in red or yellow (25 cm wide). If you have this plant in your backyard you have a pungent smell since the blossoms smell like rotting flesh. The rotting smell attracts flies and other pollinating agents in the season.

Starfish plant

Impala lily

The Impala Lily is a succulent evergreen shrub with enormous star-shaped pink, red, or white flowers. These plants have year-round flowers and grow to a height of 6.5 feet (2 meters). Impala lilies are easy to grow, but they also need well-draining soil and minimal watering.

Impala lily

We hope this article added some of the most beautiful star-shaped plants to your garden!

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