How to keep plants alive during heat wave

How to keep plants alive during heat wave

How to keep plants alive during Oklahoma heat wave

Many Oklahoma gardens look dreadful in the triple digit heat. In order to keep plants healthy, gardeners might need to change their routine. Plants really are just trying to survive. Watering is crucial during the current heat wave. It is important to be conservative and efficient. Watering when it is cooler outside is the best time.

  • If you watered in the afternoon, there will be too much transpiration. You could literally water, and that water simply blows away in a wind or evaporates immediately.
  • Most plants will get the best bang for their buck if they are watered right at the root zone.
  • The goal is to get the foliage to a place where it isn’t wet from the sun. If your sprinkler system is constantly rotating and hitting the foliage every other day, it will cause damage to them.

  • Use an irrigation system, hose, or in-ground system with a dedicated bubbler head at the base of your plant. Pothorst recommends a soaker hose.
  • You can simply put it out there and let it run for about two hours. Then, you can saturate the entire area really well. You can then go out and turn it off, and you will be good for a few days.
  • You should not spray the plants from the top. Cool the plant down by washing off the leaves or spraying pesticides. Keep your foliar watering up until the morning.
  • Foliar watering done in the evening doesn’t dry as fast and can remain on the leaves. This is when mold, fungal and disease problems can occur.
  • If the plant was planted in the last year, it may not have had the time to develop deep roots. They will need more water and care. Hanging plants and potted plants need to be watered frequently.
  • They have less soil that contains water from where they can draw. They dry out quickly, especially when it’s windy.
  • It can be difficult to distinguish between over and underwatering. Both have yellowish or dry, crispy leaves. The best way to tell if your plants need watering is to remove the mulch, place your finger in the dirt, and then pull the plant out. The plant will need watering if your finger is clean and dry. Wait a few days if your finger is filthy.
  • Lawns and plants don’t want to be fertilized. This will be more effective and efficient in the Fall.
  • They don’t need a nudge telling them right now to work harder at this heat to produce more flowers or fruit or lush green turf.
  • If plants are able to grow new growth and go through the process, they will be tender and soft right now. It will then just fry in sunlight.
  • Put away your pruning shears unless cutting down dead foliage.
  • Cut back to the base and given a new start. But be cautious about pruning evergreens and some shrubs.”
  • There are many deciduous trees that you can prune now, such as oaks and elms, and other things like this. If in doubt, he would recommend waiting until fall.
  • Although the plants might not be hungry right now, there are still pests. You’ll see white flies, spider mites, and budworms right now.
  • If you have lots and lots of buds that never bloom or look worn out, it’s possible that a Bud Worm is to blame.
  • Vater suggested that the first method of attack is to pick up the worms and spray them with a hose. An organic bug spray is an option if that fails.

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