It is love that makes people & plants grow

Plants are people. Recall that plants are people and they need love as we do. It is love that makes people & plants grow. Let’s see how to bring in abundance in your terrace garden

Love is the key

Every gardener beginner or experienced would say “I love my plants”, but trust me most of them are in love with the idea of having a plant rather than loving the plant itself. When you truly love your plants, there is a much stronger spiritual connection established between you and plants. Let’s see how you can manifest abundance in your Terrace garden with this connection.

Tools for abundance

For many years, I have had great success in manifesting my desires using these tools in my personal and professional life. I had realized until recently that I had been using these tools unknowingly with my plants way before I knew anything about it.


I can quote a hundred quotes about gratitude from famous people but here’s why gratitude is not just important, it should be a way of life. Gratitude is the most powerful feeling to manifest your desires. In simple terms when you are full of gratitude there is no complaining when there is no complaining, there is no negativity, when there is no negativity, there is joy. For your garden, you can put gratitude to use in two simple ways:

While receiving:

Every time you are joyful to see what your garden or plant offers, with deep conviction say Thank You or I’m so grateful. Some examples:

“I am so grateful for so many flowers on my bougainvillea.” “I am so grateful for this bountiful harvest of my spinach.” “Thank you for so many berries on my mulberry plant”
“I am so grateful that my cuttings have rooted”

While desiring:

Even before you have it in reality, the easiest way to manifest it is to be grateful as if you already have it. For example

“I am grateful that all my seeds have sprouted” Feel it, say it to yourself when you sow your seeds.


One of the most fascinating aspects of our minds is that we can imagine things in our thoughts. But do you know science says our mind can not differentiate between real or imagined? So whatever you think repeatedly, feel it strongly, manifests into reality. The more vivid your visualization, the quicker your manifestation will be. Here’s how to use this technique:

When you sow seeds:

Close your eyes and see them sprouted, healthy little seedlings, see yourself touching the tiny leaves, then see as if you are gently uprooting it for transplantation and when you do, you see beautiful dense roots attached to the root ball. Try to see as vivid as possible. Feel the gratitude of having your seeds sprouted by saying “Thank you”. The more you do this the stronger you feel about it. If you can’t do it many times, do it just before you take a nap or while resting or while checking your seed trays

When you plant a cutting:

Touch your cuttings and say that you are grateful to have this cutting. You are grateful that it is rooted. Visualize all that you want your cutting to be and be grateful.
When you prune/repot/transplant: Similar to how you visualize during cutting, sowing, etc.


Especially when it is flowering before fruits/veggies. You are already full of joy seeing the flowers. Amplify this feeling by visualizing a vivid picture of seeing your plants full of fruits/veggies and be grateful for such a bountiful harvest. See yourself sharing the harvest with your relatives and love ones.

When fertilizing:

Similar to flowering

When applying pesticides:

Visualize all that you want as a result of this action and be grateful that your plants are safe & protected and free from any pests or disease.

You see, even if you just be grateful and feel this feeling strongly with conviction. You do not need any other technique.


What is the first sign of abundance? That you have everything more than you need or let’s put it in a better more positive way “Abundance is when you have so much that you can share.”

When I was a kid, I remember I had grown my first tomatoes, I guess only 5 of them. I gave 1 each to my neighbors and my darling grandmother out of excitement and childish show-off that these are the tomatoes I grow at home. My grandmother told me in Hindi that “dene se barkat hoti hai” which translates to “Charity brings blessings”.

Decades later I realized the importance of this profound lesson by my grandmother.

Be it flower, fruit, vegetables, seeds, plants, or cuttings. If you make it a habit to share even if it’s too little, mark my words you will be blessed with abundance.

My container-grown Indian Jujube (Apple Ber) plant had a phenomenal harvest first time, so much so that everyone who visited my home had a taste of at least a few berries. Next year onwards I sent a bag of dozens to my friends, relatives, and neighbors and yet my family binged on these fruits for the entire season.

Charity brings blessings. Blessings bring abundance.

The power of intention

This is a manifestation hack that works with everything that you may desire. All you need to do is this.

Whenever you are sharing, let’s say you are sharing your harvest of capsicum with your Aunt. When you are offering them or sending them, with deep conviction say within yourself “Dear [X] I have received [Y] times in return. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

Where X could be God, Universe, Deity of your faith.

Where Y could be 5 times, 100 times, 1000 times or a million times depends on how strongly you can feel about it.

Magic and Miracles

Losing almost 25% of my plants could have been a heartbreak, it was in a way.

But around 75% of my plants survived miraculously. There was no one to care for & water them at the peak of summer when I was unwell due to covid-19 illness.

While in hospital I was worried that all my plants would die but since I had never seen my plants dry/dead for such a long time, I was not able to visualize them in such a sad state, all I could see was the memories of green, lush, blooms and fruits. You see, how unknowingly it manifested this miracle.

The summer this year was no less than a miracle where the average temperature uses to reach 45 degrees, this year it hardly touched 40 in May 2021. There were many episodes of light rains which also helped my plant survive

After 25 days, I saw my plants for the first time and I cried, not because many of them died but for those who miraculously survived and thrived. I said “Daddy is here.

Miracles don’t happen with glitter & shimmer. They happen when you start expecting them.

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