7 Plant-Care Staples that will help your greens thrive

7 Plant-Care Staples that will help your greens thrive

7 Plant-Care Staples that will help your greens thrive

Greenery is not just decorative. Experts believe that plants can reduce stress hormones in the body and improve our work productivity. However, caring for plants can be difficult for people who don’t have a green thumb.

The first step in caring for your houseplants is to determine how much water they need. There are many products that can simplify the process of caring for plants, from choosing the right container to equipping yourself with the tools you need to fight gnat infestations. Who better to share their knowledge than experts?

We reached out to professional plant care experts to find out what they have on hand and how to keep their greens healthy. Here are their thoughts.

Moisture Meter

Overwatering is the leading cause of plant death. You can use a moisture meter to help you with this.

Plant roots require oxygen in order to function. So, watering them with water can cause oxygen pockets to burst and increase the chance of bacterial infection. If the roots can’t supply water and nutrients to the plant, they will eventually decline in size and eventually die.

A moisture meter is a handy tool for novice gardeners. Use it to test the soil’s moisture, particularly if the pot is too large for your finger to reach. Before you water the plant, make sure the soil is dry.

Plant Mister

Most leafy plants that thrive indoors are derived from tropical rainforests. These include common varieties like monsteras and anthuriums. They also thrive in humid environments.

Water mister can be used to provide moisture for your pets every day. This will help to improve their health. You can help them mimic their natural climate to make their home more successful.


The best fertilizer for plants is the best fertilizer. It is essential for houseplant growth. However, they will not grow as well without it. It can supply plants with the necessary nutrients that they might not get from potting soil, and can replenish any nutrients they have lost over time. One capful per gallon is enough to make happy houseplants.

Watering Pot

While any vessel can be used for watering plants, a vessel with a longer spout is more useful for plants that are in clusters or in difficult-to-reach places. It is a plus to have a spout that allows for even water flow.

Mosquito Bits

They will eventually hatch from the soil they dig in and burrow under plants. Although they are harmless and only live for a few days you might soon see a lot of them around your house if you let them procreate unchecked.

These bits are effective in treating gnat infestations and can be used to prevent future ones from being cultivated. Sprinkle them on the affected plant. He says that they kill eggs in the soil. These products will kill all gnats in your houseplants within a matter of days if you apply them to them all.

Terracotta Planter

One of the most difficult aspects of caring for plants is knowing how much water they need. It is easy to tell if your plants have had enough or too much water. Plant them in pots that have drainage holes to determine if they are full.

It is possible to grow plants without a drainage hole. However, it is difficult to know when to water. If water is running out of the bottom of the container it means that your plant has been well watered. The excess water has drained from the bottom.

Use terra cotta pots or glazed pots depending on the plant. Even if your planter does not have drainage, it can still be used as a decorative pot. However, the plant must be in a container with drainage. After watering, remove the plant from the container and allow it to drain before re-attaching it.

Pruning Scissors

Houseplant pruning can be very relaxing, especially if it’s done in a quiet place. A reliable pair of pruning scissors for trimming old, dying leaves and removing any brown, dried tips from your plants.

You can encourage better growth by cutting back the dried leaves. This will also allow your plant to concentrate its energy on healthier leaves. Prefer long handles to reach the base of the leaves. A stainless steel finish is better for rust resistance.

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