Propagating Christmas cactus: Grow Christmas cactus.

Propagating Christmas cactus: Christmas cactus grow guide 101.

Many grow Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera bridgesii). Because this plant is a fantastic holiday gift for friends and family, knowing how to plant and grow Christmas cactus will make your holiday shopping more accessible and less stressful. But if you have one already and want to propagate Christmas cactus?

Here in this blog, we will talk all about growing, planting, caring for, and propagating Christmas cactus.

The gorgeous flowers of the Christmas cactus bloom like clockwork around the holidays. Not only can the Christmas cactus liven up your inside garden, but it is also one of the simplest plants to cultivate and propagate.

Propagating Christmas cactus: Christmas cactus guide 101

Propagating Christmas cactus plant- Christmas cactus cutting

Many houseplant or garden lovers enjoy propagating and spreading their plants. However, Christmas cactus, in particular, is typically part of a family tradition, with cuttings from a family member’s plant being passed down for decades.

Planting and caring for the Christmas cactus.

A Christmas cactus should be treated more like a tropical plant than a cactus. It is not a desert cactus but instead grows in conditions comparable to orchids. Plant Christmas cactus in a drainage-holed container with lightweight, free-draining soil, such as a succulent or cactus mix.

Water it well and often, allowing the top inch of soil to dry between waterings. Fertilize every two weeks during the growing season.

All about Christmas cactus: care and Christmas cactus propagation

The Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera bridgessii or Schlumbergera buckleyi) is native to the southern Brazilian coastal highlands, where its parent plant clings to shade trees and rocks. The leafless green stems produce flat, segmented pads that drop downward.

Despite its name, which refers to its winter flowering tendency, the plant can have white, pink, or red blooms many times a year, depending on the circumstances.

There are two types of Christmas cactus: Truncata and Buckleyi. The Truncata type blooms in November and has yellow pollen, whereas the Buckleyi group blooms in December and has pink pollen. Although each group has its own formal common name, the Truncata cultivar is widely known as a Thanksgiving cactus, while the Buckleyi group is known as a Christmas cactus.

Planting and caring for the Christmas cactus
How to propagate the Christmas cactus?

The Christmas cactus is a reasonably simple plant to grow. Cut one to four segments and store them in a cool, dry location for two to four days—plant one inch deep in fresh soil, ideally a sand/peat mix. Water sparingly until roots or new growth appears, then continue the step to water as usual.

Choose the appropriate season for Christmas cactus propagation. Christmas cactus plant propagated at the start of the growing season will boost your chances of success. Begin propagation in late spring, when the cactus has emerged from its winter dormancy and is ready for new growth.

Grow from stem cuttings: Propagating rooting Christmas cactus.

The simplest and most common technique of spreading Christmas cactus is by rooting Christmas cactus and its stem segments. Fortunately, taking cuttings is straightforward.

So, they have flat green segments that branch out from the main stem.

You can root Christmas cactus from a single segment (a leaf) or from a longer cutting composed of many of them. While both methods, whichever you use, keep in mind that a single leaf will take much longer to mature into a full-sized plant, for better Christmas cactus care.

Give Christmas cactus plant time to regrow.

Allow the cut edge of the stem cuttings to heal for two days in a cool, dry place. If possible, avoid direct sunlight. This period of recovery will reduce the possibility of stem rot developing in your cuttings, Christmas cactus will regrow after that.

Grow from stem cuttings: propagating Christmas cactus

How to properly propagate Christmas cactus?

  • Root the cuttings of Christmas cactus.
  • Cuttings of Christmas cactus can be rooted in water or a mixture of coarse sand and perlite or peat.
  • Fill a glass jar with a two-inch layer of pebbles/stones, then cover it with water and insert your cuttings in the pot so that just the bottom tip is immersed.
  • To keep the Christmas cactus cuttings in place, wrap the rooting material around the stem.
  • Soak your cuttings for six to eight weeks in water.
  • Place your Christmas cactus cuttings in a sunny location that receives indirect sunlight.
  • Keep a check on the water level in the jar if you rooted the cuttings in it and refill it as needed.
  • If you rooted the cuttings in the sand mixture, water only when it is completely dry, as overwatering might cause root rot.
  • After six to eight weeks, it will be ready to repot or when the roots are about half an inch long.
  • Plant cuttings in a potting soil mixture.
  • Repot your cactus in a small drainage-holed container filled with succulent potting mix.
  • Plant one-inch-deep Christmas cactus cuttings and water until the soil is wet but not dipping in water.

Providing care to your Christmas cactus after propagation

A Christmas cactus plant needs a bright, indirect light environment with high humidity to grow.
Water your Christmas cactus whenever the top inch of soil becomes dry and use a spray bottle to mist the leaves if the air isn’t humid enough for a healthy plant.

Water routines are crucial for better cactus.
Fertilize houseplants twice a year, but at least three weeks after transplanting and no later than mid-October.

When to propagate Christmas cactus?

It is ideal for propagating Christmas cacti after it has finished blooming, and the blossoms have fallen off. Grow Christmas cactus carefully.

Splitting or taking cuttings in late spring or summer is excellent. But only when it has finished flowering and all of the blossoms have fallen off.

This will give them enough time to adjust to their new circumstances before they bloom again for healthy growth.

 Providing care to your Christmas cactus after propagation

Propagating Christmas cactus from leaves: an alternative

Growing a Christmas Cactus from a leaf is precisely as easy as growing one from a whole stem.

Steps to propagate Christmas cactus from leaves-

  • Remove single leaves in the same way you would remove more giant stems.
  • Slowly twist them off at the point where they attach to the portion below.
  • If the bottom of the leaf splits or tears, it will not root. As a result, gently twist them off instead of pinching or cutting them off.
  • Now Christmas cactus is ready for propagation from leaves.
  • Single leaves will dry and fade instantly. So, instead of curing them, we recommend that you plant them straight away.

Propagating Christmas cactus from leaves: an alternative

Christmas Cactus like to grow in pots that are a little too small. There’s no urgency to move the cuttings because they may stay in their propagation container for at least a year.

Stem cuttings or leaves may propagate Christmas Cactus, so give it a shot. And with a few little adjustments, you’ll be great! Do not wait for Christmas now have a healthy Christmas cactus today!

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