Is Chinese money plant easy to grow? How to propagate chinese money plant?

Is Chinese money plant easy to grow? 

Is Chinese money plant easy to grow? 

Learn how to care for your Chinese money plants so that your Pilea Peperomioides grows in your home Chinese money is easy to care for and makes a great addition to any interior. They are easy to propagate and have gained popularity with their cheery, medallion-shaped leaves with these plant care tips.

Unsurprisingly, the Chinese money plant, also called Pilea piperomioides, is a member of the nettle family. They were originally from Southwest China where they were believed to bring luck to their owners. They are still exchanged today as gifts for new homeowners.

These houseplants are easy to care for and produce impressive results. They are also one of the most popular houseplants for beginners. Continue reading to learn how to care for your Chinese money plants.

How to care for your Chinese money plant

It is easy to take care of your Chinese money plant. It is important to water your Chinese money plant regularly and keep it in the sun. Richard Cheshire, a plant doctor at patch plants (opens in new tab): “Remember to turn the plant every few days to encourage even growing,”

How often should a chinese money plant be watered?How often should a chinese money plant be watered?

Give your money plant a drink whenever the soil feels dry. In summer, this will be every other week and in winter it will be every other week.

Liquid fertilizer should be given to your money every other month in summer. This will help it grow. If you are lucky, the plant might even produce a flower.

Like all other houseplants you have, make sure to clean your Chinese money plant leaves every once in a while, dust must be removed. This will allow your plant to photosynthesize.

How much light does chinese money plant need?

A Chinese money plant needs bright, indirect sunlight that is not too hot. Don’t place it near a west-facing window where it will receive the full brunt of the afternoon sun. But, do put it somewhere bright.

How to tell if money plant is dying?

This plant is easy to maintain because it will let you know when it needs more water.

  • The leaves begin to droop. Give it a good watering, and let the soil drain to ensure that the roots don’t sit in water. Don’t water again until the soil has dried out. This plant doesn’t need constant watering.
  • It could be that your Chinese money plants’ roots or leaves are becoming brownish and mushy. This is a sign you have overwatered them. Let the plant dry completely before you pot it in fresh soil.

Chinese money plants can live up to 15 years if they are well cared for and given the right advice.

How to propagate chinese money plant?

How to propagate chinese money plant?

  • Chinese money plants are one of the easiest houseplants you can propagate. They latch onto the water and grow roots in days.
  • Simply cut off the root or bark-like stem of the plant and place it in a small flute-shaped container. The greenery should peek out from the top. Once you have identified the white roots, it is time to plant your clippings in the soil.
  • It is not common to propagate a Chinese money plant from a leaf. Instead, it is best to obtain root clipping.
  • Chinese money plants can sometimes grow smaller plants in the same pot. These smaller plants can be pulled out and placed in water to propagate. This is without the need for complicated techniques such as air layering.