Growing plants from seeds – Advantages of growing plants from seed

Growing plants from seeds

Gardening is a great hobby; it is fun and rewarding but there is a big learning curve. If you must learn it all by trial and error, it can be frustrating. This book will help you through the beginning of the gardening process by starting your plants from seed and have you well on your way to success.

Most people know canned vegetables are not the best tasting. While they are accessible and able to keep for a long time. Frozen veggies are better, but nothing compares to fresh.

You can grow and have your fresh vegetables no matter what space you have available.

  • You can grow in-ground gardens
  • You can use raised beds in your yard
  • You can use raised beds on your deck or patio
  • You can use grow bags on the balcony of your apartment
  • You can grow most veggies in your house with the proper lights or an excellent sunny window
  • You can grow microgreens in a minimal space and quickly get great high-quality food that is loaded with vitamins

No matter what you have, you can grow your vegetables in your space.

Not all plants should start inside from seed. We can directly plant many in their final growing spot without starting inside. Some plants don’t like to have their roots disturbed. They are also faster-growing plants, in most cases, that don’t need extra time to grow.

Advantages of growing plants from seed

Why not go to the garden center and buy your plants? They are already started, and someone else has done most of the hard work.

  • Cost is one of the big reasons.
  • What chemicals and pesticides do they use on the plant?
  • If you grow your own, you can use organic seeds and know what you put on them for fertilizer or pesticides.
  • It is a great sense of accomplishment to see that you start with a tiny seed and get a beautiful plant that gives you food. If you have ever had vegetables out of the garden.
  • You know nothing tastes better.
  • You have an almost limitless variety of plants you can grow. Gardening is fun.


Cost is a considerable concern. Suppose you go to a garden store or the garden center at a big box store. A tomato plant will cost you from a few dollars to thirty dollars if it is an older and larger plant. The average price for a decent tomato plant is around five dollars each. If you want a decent crop of tomatoes, you will want to have a variety of at least eight to ten plants for your family. You are looking at thirty dollars or more for just one type of garden plant.

You can buy top-quality seeds from online seed sellers like Burpee. I will go into where to get the best and most affordable seeds later in this book. You can get a packet of seeds for around six dollars for 20 to 50 seeds. Most gardeners put two seeds in each planter, so you make sure you get at least one to germinate. You can get Better Boy tomato plants at that price for around twenty cents per plant.

You can even get seeds for plants that you can’t get at garden centers for a reasonable cost. Sun gold tomatoes are one of the best eating, most productive, and one of my favorite cherry tomatoes. You can get a packet of twenty seeds for around seven dollars. You get these plants for about seventy cents per plant if you double-seed them.


When you buy plants from a garden center or big box store, you don’t know what chemicals they are using on the plants. I am not saying they are using something that can hurt you, but if you grow your own and use no chemicals, you know they are excellent and chemical-free.

Most people want their food to be chemical-free and organically grown. I don’t use any chemicals on my plants; I only use organic fertilizer from kelp and fish. It has a strong smell, but it works well. The plants love it.

I love to fish and have caught a lot of fish and eaten them. I have taken fish guts and bones and buried them next to tomato plants, and they grow like they are on steroids. Fish is a fantastic fertilizer for your plants.


You know what you have if you buy organically grown seeds and grow your plants organically. The definition of organic is ” (of food or farming methods) produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial agents:”


It’s very satisfying and makes you proud of what you did. Gardening is a learn-as-you-go hobby. You can learn a lot before you start and even after you are gardening from reading. I learn something every day about gardening, from reading or my experience. It is a great feeling when the top of your plant rises above the surface of the soil and grows on its way to becoming a delicious food.

It is very satisfying to take a tiny seed, put it in dirt and water, care for it, and raise it to maturity. Here is a picture of me with a sun gold tomato plant behind me. I am six foot two, and the plant is a good foot taller than me. It all started in my basement four months ago with a tiny seed.


The taste and variety of types of tomatoes vary significantly. Many of the best-tasting tomatoes you can’t find in the garden centers. You can’t even find the seeds to grow them in most garden stores. You must buy them from seed companies online to make the best choices with the greatest variety.

Some store-bought veggies have improved over the years, but they still don’t taste like the ones you grow. This is primarily because of freshness. The veggies that ripen on the plant taste better than the ones picked before they are ready. Picking, sorting, ripening, shipping to a distributor, and then shipping to the store where you buy them takes time. Time, since picked, makes a tremendous difference in taste. The longer after picking, the less flavor they have.


You also have only the choice of five to ten types of plants. Most of them don’t have the room to stock all the ones you might want. Do you know that there are around ten thousand varieties of tomatoes around the world? Many of the best varieties you can’t find in the store. Go online and read what people say about different tomatoes, and what they like. You can find varieties that are far better than what you can get from the garden center stores.

I have watched hundreds of YouTube videos about what people like and read thousands of blogs and articles about the best veggies. Then I find them online, get the seeds and try them. One of the best tomatoes you can get is a yellow tomato called Kellogg’s breakfast. I have never seen them for sale in stores. I have never seen the seeds for sale in garden centers or big box stores. You can buy them online, and they are delicious.

I would never have heard of them if I hadn’t researched to see what people think are the best tomatoes. There are many varieties of yellow tomatoes, but you don’t find yellow tomatoes in the produce department in grocery stores, at least not in Minnesota, where I live.

The main reasons to grow your plants from seed

  • Cost
  • You have control of the chemicals that are used to grow your plants.
  • A sense of accomplishment for what you have done.
  • Variety. You have access to growing thousands of different plants that are not available at the garden centers and big box stores.


Most of the seeds that gardeners start inside are vegetables, although several vegetables are better started outside. Many flowers grow fast enough that you can plant them from seed in the garden, and they will grow well and fast enough if planted outside in the ground.

Some flowers are better to plant inside, so you can have them bloom sooner than you can if you plant them outside. A great example is Marigolds. I plant marigolds in my garden to attract good bugs and avoid bad ones. Many flowers are suitable to grow in the garden. I planted a tray of marigolds in the house in the early spring, and when I put them in the garden, they bloomed in a week or two.

I also like to start sunflowers inside, so they have a good start when they go outside. One thing I have learned from gardening that I never knew about sunflowers is birds not only eat the seeds but also love to eat the leaves. At least the birds in my yard. I never knew that until I planted sunflowers and observed them eating the leaves. I must be on my toes to get a picture of a full flower before they eat the leaves off it.

Coleuses are another of my favorites. I like to start them inside to give them a head start. As you can see from these that with a head start, they get huge and look fantastic.

Gazanias are another of my favorite flowers to start inside. I started these in the house. I started too many and had to give several to friends and family. They didn’t mind. I started two full forty-cell starter trays and had to replant them twice. The work was worth it if you like beautiful flowers. They come in a variety of colors.

They are all over the yard. I am glad I planted too many. I guess I didn’t plant too many.

  • Morning glories are another flower I started inside. They are slow growing, so giving them a head start is excellent, but they are delicate and beautiful flowers. Here is what they looked like shortly after germinating.
  • Marigolds are easy to grow and easy to start inside. Starting them inside gives them a jump on other plants. They are good to plant near and around vegetables because they are companion plant that attracts good bugs and keeps away bad ones.
  • Basil is another good companion plant. I’m not too fond of the taste of basil, but I like its smell. It is nice to have just for the scent, but it is good to grow with tomatoes. Sweet basil is easy to grow. I started this plant inside also, so it was ready to plant with the tomatoes when I put those in the garden.
  • Johnny jump-ups are a great spring flower to grow from the seed inside. I started the Jonny jump-ups seeds inside, and they were blooming when I put them out in the window boxes, so they were colorful at the start of the garden season. Here they are inside after a couple of weeks.
  • Jonny Jump ups blooming. They bloom for a long time. It probably would have been longer if not for the heat this summer.
  • Here are some marigolds I started inside, so they would bloom soon after being planted outside. They were blooming a couple of weeks after planting outside.

If you are a gardener, you should grow flowers and vegetables. Flowers are important to have in your yard. They attract bees and other good insects that will make your vegetables grow better.