Sparkling water will help your plants thrive!

Sparkling water will help your plants thrive!

Sparkling water will help your plants thrive!

It is not easy to keep plants happy and healthy. You might believe that all you need to keep your plants happy and healthy is water and sunlight. Once you have taken plant care of a few plants, from seedlings to adulthood you will realize that there are many more things to think about, such as the proper soil, watering schedules, drainage, and size. Gardening experts say the most popular drink you can use to water your garden is this drink is likely already in your fridge.

First, how plants use water.

Your plants require water. You are aware of this, but do you know why? The University of West Virginia states that plants need water for two reasons. One is to complete photosynthesis, which allows them to create their own food. Two is to transport the nutrients they have created through photosynthesis throughout the plant. They write that nutrients and sugars created by photosynthesis are dissolved and moved from high concentration areas, such as roots, to lower concentration areas, such as blooms, stems, and leaves for growth and reproduction.

Sparkling water can be a great way to help plants thrive.

Sparkling water is a popular drink that contains nutrients such as carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Watering your plants with sparkling water or club soda will provide nutrients necessary for healthy growth.

This practice can increase plants’ drought tolerance and speed up their growth. Soda water is infused with carbon dioxide gas, which is responsible for making soda water fizzy. “Carbon is essential for a plant’s photosynthesis. High levels of carbon can help plants grow faster and larger.”

how to use sparking water.

This trick is easy to try. All you need is a bottle sparkling water or club soda. Avoid mineral water and sugary varieties. Before you water your plants, make sure your sparkling water is at room temp. Refrigerated water can cause more harm than good, as it shocks roots and kills them.

To let some carbon dioxide gas escape, place your sparkling water outside. Your plants should be watered as usual using your watering can. Don’t wet your leaves as this can increase the chance of mold growth.

Use sparkling water properly.

Sparkling water can be more expensive than tap water so you should only use it when absolutely necessary. Water plants once a week with sparkling water. Sparkling water is great for indoor plants because it provides them with the mineral boost they need from outside soil and is also beneficial for sick plants, especially those with dull leaves.

Soon you will have a lush, happy garden with healthy plants. Keep your feet up