What grows well with oregano: 15 best companion plants for oregano?

Be it as a seasoning or adding a beautiful look to your garden, oregano has it all!

Furthermore, it also helps in keeping pests and insects away from a few plants when they are planted together!

So which plant grows well with oregano?

Oregano, a Mediterranean plant, can grow in both hot and cold seasons. If sufficient precautions are taken, oregano will flourish in almost any environment. This herb is abundantly accessible and has a flavor that complements Italian food.

Companion planting is the growth of several plants in close proximity to one another such that the plants benefit from their nearest friends. The advantages that crop gain from companion planting vary depending on the plant.

Some benefit from having the same watering requirements as others, while others may benefit from the ability of an adjacent plant to prevent pests. The advantage of companion planting is that it helps you to make better use of your garden while also allowing your plants to grow.

So what grows well with oregano?
Growing herbs that may be used for both culinary and medicinal purposes can benefit your garden. Oregano is one example of this plant. Planting oregano is not a difficult task.

The first step in companion planting is to match your herbs’ ideal conditions. Plants that favor sandy, dry soil should not be planted next to plants that prefer rich, moist soil. Second, consider your herbs’ compatibility. Some herbs just do not get along and will die if planted together.

Finally, the amount of space between your herbs is crucial. Herbs grown in close proximity can compete for soil nutrients.

Here is the list of good companion plants of oregano-

Mint goes well with oregano.

Mint is a great companion plant of oregano and grows well with tomatoes, oregano, and cabbage, but it is a pest to parsley and should not be put near it. Although mint is challenging to grow from seed, it may flourish and spread like a weed when planted in the right conditions.

Mint grows well in partial sunshine and should only be watered once the soil has dried. Keep your mint in a container rather than in the garden if you don’t want it to spread like wildfire.

Mint is a good match with oregano

Cabbage planting with oregano herbs.

Cabbage grows well with oregano. Moths, worms, and butterflies are drawn to brassica plants. These pests are well-known to all gardeners because they can degrade fruit quality and render it unsuitable for sale or consumption. Because oregano repels cabbage moths, all you need to do is plant the herb near your cabbage to get rid of them. It will help keep cabbage butterflies and other pests at bay.

Cabbage grows well with oregano

Sage is a good companion of oregano.

Sage, being related to oregano, grows well in a similar growing environment. Plant oregano in the same type of dry soil that one uses for sage if you want it to grow. When the earth is dry, water softly with both plants.

Sage is another herb good with oregano


Like its relatives, sage, and thyme, Rosemary flowers are a drought-tolerant cousin of oregano. That is the primary reason rosemary flowers are such an excellent companion plant. It requires the same amount of water as oregano so that you may grow them in the same area of your garden or in the same container.

Rosemary grows well with oregano


While basil is a Lamiaceae family member and is occasionally advised as an oregano companion plant, its watering needs may differ. The most common basil varieties like moist soil, whereas oregano does not.

Because the roots of oregano can deteriorate in damp soil, the combination of oregano and basil may differ depending on the basil species. Choose one that can withstand dry circumstances.

Basil also grows well with oregano


Capsicum pepper plants, such as chili and bell peppers, make wonderful oregano companions. They improve the flavor, and oregano deters bugs. The two ingredients together make a delicious supper.

Pepper is a good match with oregano


It comes as no surprise that grapes are susceptible to pests. There is no crop that is without a foe, and this vine plant is no exception. Pests include flea bugs and grape leaf holders, and oregano can repel them!

Grapes grow well with oregano


Cucumber beetles and squash bugs attack cucumbers, both of which are detrimental to the fruit. These bugs loathe oregano and would do anything to avoid it. Plant oregano alongside it in the same place to get rid of these pests.

Cucumber also grows well with oregano


While oregano plants do not require much water, tomatoes may grow deeper into the dirt, seeking moisture. Their water requirements do not have to be damaging to the oregano because of this capacity. Tomato plants will benefit from the ability of oregano to resist pests that may endanger them.

Allowing oregano to grow beneath tomato plants may boost humidity and keep soil from drying out as quickly, both of which benefit tomato plants.

Tomatoes go well with oregano


Coriander loves a moist, well-lit environment, but it may suffer if exposed to too much direct sunlight. These plants demand a lot of water, so make sure you have proper drainage in your garden bed or container.


Garlic is relatively simple to grow if you have a little patience and the right conditions. It complements dill, carrots, and chamomile. Oregano is said to improve the attack of pests on garlic when grown beside the root herb.



This crop has a lot of nutrients that help other plants grow, but it is also susceptible to pests like aphids. Aphids deplete the nutrition in beans and can be controlled by planting oregano nearby.

Beans are also good with oregano


Strawberries are popular in cereals, gardens, and fruit mixes. Pests and humans share strawberry consumption. The simplest way to get rid of these pests is to grow plants that do not deprive them of sustenance, and oregano fits the bill nicely.

Strawberries grow well with oregano


You can’t cultivate oregano unless you also grow asparagus. This plant contains anti-nematode capabilities. Even though it receives more benefits from oregano than it contributes, it is one of the plants that is highly recommended for oregano.

Asparagus is good with oregano


Some gardeners combine oregano and marjoram. Majorarm, like oregano, is a member of the mint family. It also has a more intense aroma than oregano. They make an excellent garden team and defend one another.

Majorarm grows well with oregano

Oregano compliments all vegetables, particularly those susceptible to sap-sucking insects like aphids. Plant them alongside eggplant, zucchini, squash, beans, broccoli, brussels sprouts, maize, asparagus, grapes, cauliflower, and strawberries.

Not only can oregano benefit your garden, but it will also benefit many of the plants you cultivate with it. They can grow in any environment, making them easy to produce and obtain in a variety of settings.
Aside from that, they can be used as ornamental plants to beautify your surroundings and repel pests.

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