Most fragrant plants you can grow in your garden

14 of the most fragrant plants you can grow in your garden.

Keep scents’retained” all year. SCENTED plants make a great addition to your garden in the summer, but they don’t need to be kept for the warm seasons. There are many flowers and shrubs that can be used in all seasons, including spring, winter, and autumn. This will ensure that your green space has a consistent fragrance year round.

Flowers and foliage on a warm day, but it can often disappear when the sunnier seasons have come and gone. Plants grown across British gardens in summer, but few of us think about the sweet-smelling plants we can grow in the cold season too. Garden for a fragrant scent all year round.

Sweetly scented plants can bring a whole new dimension to your outdoor space. There are many options when it comes choosing the right plants for your space, whether you prefer the classic scent of roses or the floral aroma of lavender.

Scent plants can look great in any garden. However, it is important to know what to do before you plant them. Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), stated: “Plant fragrant-flowered flowers in a sheltered place where the scent can be retained longer; an enclosed courtyard, walled garden or covered area is ideal. For smaller plants, place them in front of the front doors or in containers close to the front. Their floral scent will be easily enjoyed by passersby.

What plants to grow summer fragrance

Summer is the best time to be in the garden.


Roses of darker colour are more fragrant than roses of yellow or white and they smell best in the morning. Planting bare-root varieties in full sunlight should be done from late autumn through early spring. Container roses are able to be planted throughout the year.


As the soil warms, it is best to plant this summer flowering perennial in April or May. It requires lots of sunlight to thrive. The plant will be most fragrant if it is planted near a walkway, so that the fragrant buds can be released as you walk past it.

Caucasian lime tree

Caucasian lime trees are deciduous varieties with arching branches, green young shoots and glossy green leaves. The scent of the cream flowers is best enjoyed in summer. For a stronger fragrance, make sure you plant it in full sun or partial shading.

Weeping silver lime tree

Similar to the Caucasian lime, the weeping Silver lime thrives in full sun to partial shade. It is also known for its clusters “highly fragrant yellowish flowers”, according the RHS.

Evergreen magnolia

Grandiflora can be described as a large, round evergreen tree or shrub with glossy green leaves and high-quality, cup-shaped, creamy flowers. You can enjoy this sweet-smelling plant in summer or autumn, but make sure it gets plenty of sunlight.

Scented plants for your autumn garden

Focus on autumnal fragrances and fresh, spicy fragrances to create a beautiful garden display.

Mexican orange blossom

This evergreen shrub is busy producing pure white, fragrant flowers that will last into winter. To keep your orange blossoms healthy, you should grow them in full sunlight with well-drained soil.

Oregon grape ‘Charity’

These evergreen shrubs are also known as Mahonia. They have leathery, pinnate foliage and fragrant yellow flowers. Sometimes, they are followed by black or violet berries. This sweetly scented plant requires full sun or partial shade to thrive.

Jessamine made from Willow-leaved leaves

This semi-evergreen shrub of medium size is fragrant at night. Jessamine can be grown in partial or full sun as long as it is well-drained.

Nodding virgin’s bower

This climber, also known as clematis rosea, produces sweeter-smelling flowers in the mid- to early fall. To enjoy this stunning plant in its full glory, you can either place it in full sun or in partial shade.

Spring garden Scented plants

Spring fragrances are all about floral, fresh scents. Choose strong-smelling flowers in bright colors to complement your seasonal garden.

Blue wattle

The evergreen shrub requires full sun for growth, especially if you wish to enjoy the yellow flowers.

Winter’s bark

This is the ideal plant to add to your spring garden if you love white flowers and glossy leaves. The fragrant, creamy-white flowers of terminal clusters are found in the late spring and early summer. They are beloved for their cinnamon-like scent.


For a fragrant boost, any type of Rhododendron can be used. Just make sure it is in an area with good light. Azaleas have a strong floral scent that is fresher than sweet.

Burkwood osmanthus

This plant is known for its small, white flowers that are followed by black fruits. Its rich, sweet scent is a bonus. For a brilliant display of leaves all year, keep them in full sun or partial shadow.

Winter flowers

Winter doesn’t need to be boring for your garden. In fact, there are many honey and vanilla tones to fill your outdoor space.

Winter-flowering honeysuckle

The cream flowers of this shrub are very popular. They look delicate and smell just like honey. For a winter garden boost, plant in full sun or partial shadow.

Japanese mahonia

The Japanese mahonia is another evergreen shrub that you can plant in your garden. The yellow flowers are delicious all through winter, and they produce blue-black berries in spring. The plant should be placed in full or partial sun.

Dwarf sweet box

This plant was recommended by the RHS for its white, highly fragrant flowers that are adorned with crimson anthers. This suckering shrub is a great place to grow blackberries in winter. It makes for a delicious and attractive plant.

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