Know How To Do Christmas Cactus Care – Best Christmas Cacti Tips

Know How To Do Christmas Cactus Care – Best Christmas Cacti Tips

Cactus plants are of various types depending on their look and growing conditions. Christmas cactus is among the varieties of those cactus plants which belong to holiday cacti varieties. Pink flowers bloom on Christmas cactus. The leaves of this plant are round, and the tips are curved. The stems of the Christmas cactus plant are nearly visible. they have bud-like structure at the head of the leaves.  They bloom during winter and especially in December, which is why they are named Christmas cacti. Christmas cactus care is not so hard; you can easily take care of them.

Know How To Do Christmas Cactus Care

Want to learn more about the Christmas cactus plant and its care? You have searched for the right place; enjoy reading!

How To Grow Cactus Plants – Christmas Cactus

Plants require the optimal temperature to grow according to their origin. Grow Christmas cactus needs a lot of effort. You need to take extra care while growing them. Mature Christmas cactus or young plants require the same conditions to grow. Below are some conditions to grow Christmas cacti.

How To Grow Cactus Plants - Christmas Cactus


Common Christmas cactus usually grow in cool temperatures. They grow best in temperatures ranging from 45 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Extreme temperatures are harmful to the growth of Christmas cactus plants.

Refrain from keeping the plant near man-made temperature controllers like heating ducts, cold drafts, and more. Christmas cactus harms the growth badly and also affects the look of the plant. The right temperature form the better growth of the plant. the stem does not grow properly in improper temperature conditions.

Light Intensity

Christmas cacti plants grow better in indirect but bright sunlight. They can tolerate low light intensity, but in full sunlight, they preferably die. This is mainly because bright-intensity light absorbs the moisture from the plant. Which leads to the splitting of the leaves or a decrease in photosynthesis. Do not move the plant directly from inappropriate light to the right light intensity.

In low light, the cactus plant does not bloom, and in high light, they usually burn. So neither dark nor high light intensity is good for Christmas cactus plants. due to sufficient light, they need to much water to grow properly.


Soil for growing Christmas cacti should be well-drained. Sandy soil or peat moss is best for growing this plant.

Rich in organic matter like compost and manure. If you plant in a pot, remember to tilt the soil, especially before they bear flowers. In the garden, add peat moss or perlite to make the soil well-drained. moist soil is best but one does not water too much to make soggy or damp soil.

Soil that retains water for a long time is harmful to the plant because it is tolerable to drought. Lightweight soil is best for helping the roots to develop properly. Add compost or manure to the plant at least once a month. Christmas cactus plants require nutrient-rich soil to grow. Remember to make holes in the pot so that it drains sufficient water and does not get warm or cold sooner.


Christmas cactus plants do not need much water and can tolerate drought conditions. Hence, you should water the soil once in two to three weeks. water is required only to maintain the moisture of the plant.

Water the plant from the bottom because they need less water to grow. Watering from the top may lead to fungal diseases and pests attack. In the blooming period, try to keep the soil moist. This helps to increase the yielding of the plants. you should also water according to the type of pot and its power to retain warmth.


Cacti plants need a lot of humidity levels to grow healthily. In summer, the humidity level in the air is more than compared to winter. They require moderate humidity or a bit more. During dry conditions, spray water frequently to maintain humidity but at a low rate. in pots, you can also keep water at the bottom to maintain humidity levels regularly.

Do not spray a lot of water that the plant faces with over watering problems. In the process of maintaining humidity,  plants mostly face overwatering issues.

Christmas cactus bloom when they get these optimal conditions. After you grow a Christmas cactus, you need to take care to help plants to bloom even with external disturbances too. Below are some tips for caring.

Tips To Care Christmas Cacti

Christmas cactus plants grow best in optimal conditions, and you can easily do gardening. Christmas cactus care can be done by following simple things. Some external factors affect the growth of this type of plant badly. Below are a few caring ideas for growing the Christmas cactus plant properly.

Tips To Care Christmas Cacti

  1. The main way to care for the Christmas cactus plant is pruning. Prune plants in spring to improve growth. Pruning plants help to increase the growth of plants. Healthy plants grow after the process of pruning. you can also cut off the stem if it is rotten. this also helps to bear the plant to bear flowers on them.
  2. Add manure and compost to keep the soil nutrient-rich. Manure and compost help your soil to retain its quality. it is easy to grow in a potting mix, but you will have to change the soil once a year.
  3. Cover the Christmas cactus with a blanket in too-cold conditions, or you can use methods like a greenhouse or cold frame to care for cacti and improve their growth.
  4. Misting your plant will help it to grow healthily. This will help to enrich the plant’s growth.
  5. Fertilize it once in two to three weeks throughout the year except in winter. Fertilize in small amounts, but many a time, a large amount will kill the plant.

Signs To Know Christmas Cacti Plants Is Getting Damaged

It is not difficult to understand whether the Christmas cactus plant is not growing in suitable conditions. Some such signs from which you can easily guess whether the plant is growing in the right condition or not. you do not need an expert at home, beginners can also do great gardening with a few tips. they are helpful to suggest ideas for curing the plant.

  1. If you find only growth in the plant and it does not bloom during winter, the plant may suffer due to improper light intensity. In bright sunlight, the moisture of the plant will be soaked while in low light intensity it will be unable to do proper photosynthesis.
  2. Flowers also face downwards and do not bloom further.
  3. The plants start wilting, or you may find black or brown spots on the leaves. This mainly happens when the plant faces overwatering or underwatering problems or fungal diseases.
  4. The plant starts drooping in overwatering cases. They sometimes also lead to the falling of leaves too. The leaves also turn yellow or brown sometimes.
  5. Due to overwatering issues, the soil becomes moist and leads to rotten roots. This disables plants from absorbing nutrients or minerals from the soil further.
  6. After knowing the signs and the reasons for damaged plants, it becomes easy to revive them. here are some tips to make cacti refresh and strong.

How To Revive Christmas Cactus Plant

You can revive an existing mature plant by many such measures. The plant suffers due to some problems because of lack of care. So, Christmas cactus care is essential to revive those plants from diseases. Here are some tips to revive such plants.

How To Revive Christmas Cactus Plant

  1. It remains stored in people’s minds that cactus plants do not require much water. This mainly causes underwatering issues. For that purpose, you should spray water on the plant. This helps to reduce underwatering effects.
  2. Overwatering becomes a cause of a lot of problems. In this case, you should stop watering the plant and allow the soil to dry. Cut off the leaves or roots that are completely damaged. Place the Christmas cactus in another pot with fertile and nutritious soil.
  3. Do not change the location immediately. Shift the plant slowly from the inappropriate to the right position. When you change the location directly, it badly affects the plant’s survival state. In the dark, the stem bends towards the light. this method is largely possible for plants you place in a pot because you can move them easily.

Benefits Of Growing Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus plants are not only for show but also have a few benefits. By hearing the name of the cactus plant, we start searching for the flaws of Christmas cactus plants. One should grow Christmas cactus in the garden because of the following reasons. There are some benefits of cactus plants, that suggest you some ideas with proper reasons to grow Christmas cactus.

  1. Cacti are a good source to release oxygen and absorb canon dioxide like other plants.
  2. They are one of the best home decorative plants, especially when they bloom.
  3. According to Feng Sui, cactus plants release strong positive energy if placed in the right position.
  4. According to science, they clean the surrounding air and help to feel fresh, also reduce stress and anxiety, and relieve tension.

FAQs On Christmas Cactus

1. When should you water the Christmas cactus plant?
Water once in two to three weeks when the soil gets dry. Because cacti face overwatering problems most of the time. Remember to water from the bottom side of the plant; it is the best way to water the Christmas cactus plant.

2. When do Christmas cactus plants bloom?
Cactus plants bloom in winter, moreover, according to some experts they grow in December. Cool temperature is best for the growth of the Christmas cactus plant.

3. Where should you plant Christmas cacti?
You should plant Christmas cacti in such a place where it receives indirect sunlight near the window. This will allow the plant to grow and yield properly.

4. In which type of soil should you plant Christmas cacti?
Sandy or peat moss soil is best for growing the Christmas cacti plant. This is mainly because they are light and well-drained.

Key Takeaways

Christmas cactus is a plant that blooms with pink flowers in winter, mainly in December. Here are a few things which we discussed in this article.

  1. Christmas cactus plants grow in cool temperatures and need moderate humidity to grow. Well-drained, light, and nutrient-rich soil are best for growing the plant.
  2. You should prune the plant in spring. And also fertilize the plant once a month. Extreme temperature is not suitable for plant growth.
  3. The leaves and roots of the plant look different and damaged.
  4. These plants purify the air and spread positivity. As soon as the flower blooms they are one of the best decorative pieces.
  5. The stem and leaves of the Christmas cactus use to damage due to improper care. You can easily take care of Christmas cacti by following all the above methods.

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