How to Grow ‘Touch Me Not’ Plant – Touch me not Medicinal Uses

How to Grow ‘Touch Me Not’ Plant – Touch me not Medicinal Uses

Mimosa pudica is a creeping perennial or annually flowering plant in the pea/legume plant family, and is called”the “touch-me-not plant” because of its tendency of it for its leaves to retract when it is touched. It can be planted outdoors or indoors and requires minimal maintenance.

  • Mimosa pudica seeds are able to flourish in all types of soil, however, they thrive in well-drained, moist soil.
  • A good temperature for Mimosa Pudica lies from 20 to 23°C. the optimal pH for these plants is between 6-7.

There are a lot of factors to consider when trying to grow and maintain a plant that is a touch-me-not. But don’t fret; we’ll cover everything that you need to know about growing it, taking good care of it as well as some Medicinal uses. Learn how to care for and maintain this unique species in the following plant care tips.

The plant that is a touch me not is the perfect choice for those looking for an unusual houseplant that requires minimal maintenance.

Retraction in the Touch Me Not Plant

The plant with the name Touch Me Not tends to react rapidly when touched. The cause of this reaction is called the Seismonastic reaction. This reaction is located in the pulvini expanded section that is located at the base of the stalks of leaves. It is here that the motor is located and it is activated by the rapid motions because of the sacs of water filled with ions that move around.

How to grow “Touch me not” Plant

You can grow the particular plant in your home Mimosa pudica indoors using seeds. Here’s what is required to establish the plant.’

touch-me-not Climate & Soil requirements:

Although mimosa pudica seeds will grow in almost any soil, they thrive in well-drained, moist soils. Mimosa pudica prefers temperatures between 20 and 23°C and a pH of 6-7.

Can touch-me-not grow in shade?

The Sensitive Plant needs bright light. If they aren’t in the window, their leaves will fold over and not be able to open again. To make the Mimosa pudica (touch it not) grow indoors, place it in an east-facing window where it gets direct sunlight. Artificial illumination can be useful in places that receive little sunlight, such as the winter.

touch-me-not Fertilizer Requirement

Regular fertilization is necessary to ensure healthy growth. For best results, fertilize the plant with an all-purpose liquid fertilizer once a month. To give your plants a boost, you can use a high-potassium liquid fertiliser every few weeks.

Touch me not Medicinal Uses

  • To treat excess weight, the plant’s paste can also be applied to the stomach.
  • To treat insect bites, make a paste from stems and leaves. Apply it twice daily.
  • If you have high blood pressure, you can eat the plant. However, you should only take the medication if prescribed by your doctor.
  • Touch me not plants are useful in preventing baldness and mosquito bites. They can also be used to make hair care products.
  • These delicate plants are used in traditional African medicine. They are believed to have anticonvulsant properties.
  • The touch-me-not herb has many antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties that can be used to treat infections naturally.
  • The plant has anti-venomous and anti-inflammatory properties.

How do you prune a touch me not?

  • It is easy to care for the Touch me not plant. These are the steps to take to maintain the health and beauty of your plant.
  • Prevention – Plants are more susceptible to fungus infections because they need water to thrive. Your Touch Me Not Plant could be attacked by scales or aphids, so make sure to keep it hydrated.
  • Pruning Once the flowers have bloomed cut the stems and dried leaves to prevent the plant from getting too tall.
  • Thorn Removal: Touch-me-not plants have thorns which can be potentially dangerous. You must get rid of them to protect your hands and ensure safety.

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